A downloadable game

Lucy is a young woman in her mid twenties who wakes up in an unknown world. She knows who she is but can't remember recent events or how she got into this world. She soon hears the voice of a man named Dameer, who calls himself her guide. Lucy with Dameer's help explores this new world and talk to many people along the way. She soon finds out this worlds tragic history. She learns that not too long ago, a villain know as Arion invaded this world in what was know as the Devastation, he covered much of there world with a thick black fog and the area effected became known as the Forgotten. From the Forgotten lands came monsters, creatures made from the people taken over by the ominous fog, there bodies twisted and there minds turned dark. These creatures became know as fragments. Lucy learning she has superhuman abilities in this world turns to fight the fragment force and learns the truth about this world, and about her own tragic past.

Hello, my name is Zatherdon, and my friends and I are the ones working on this game. It is my dream to create a community circled around entertainment that I create, be it games, shows, or movies. I am working hard on this game in order to get it out. It is currently early in development but comeing together nicely. I am creating this in order to start getting my name and this games name out into the world and hopefully get some hype over it. I will be updating this thread with details on the games progress so please make sure to cheak up on it. If you have any questions go ahead and make a thread and I will try to get to it as soon as i can, and answer to the best of my ability (or you know if you just want to talk and hang then.... go for it bro).